During the 2016-2017 academic year, there will be two regular GCF activies: small group meetings and large group events. Both will show up on the calendar, which you can find on the events page.

Large group events and small group meetings occur once every two weeks, but they are interleaved so that there is one GCF event per week during the academic quarter.

Large Group Events

The large group events can take a few different forms, but generally consist of:

  • talks on subjects relevant to Christian life within the academy;
  • worship events;
  • potlucks/game nights;
  • group outings (e.g., hikes, camping, day trips).

The default time for large group events is Thursday evening at 7pm. However, given the varied nature of these events, they can (and will) occur outside of this window. In any case, large group events will have an announcement posted on the main page as well as on the events page. Further, an email will be sent to the gcf-l mailing list.

Small Groups

At the beginning of each academic year, GCF forms small groups, which typically consist of a number of members between 4 and 8. These groups then meet separately every other week (during weeks when there is no large group event). Each group determines what it will do through the year, but generally small groups work their way through some form of study.

For the 2016-2017 academic year, there are two groups planned. We will add more groups if there are sufficiently many people. The two groups thus far are:

  • "Campus housing" small group. Meeting time: Thursdays 7pm (subject to change). Contact for location.
  • "Off campus" small group. Meeting time: Wednesdays 7pm (subject to change). Contact
  • for location.